In Maryland Marijuana is still Illegal and Strictly Enforced

Marijuana is still Illegal in Nearly Every State and Strictly Enforced

According to FBI reports, in 2011 more than 750,000 Americans were arrested for marijuana-related offenses, accounting for roughly half of all drug crimes in the United States. Eighty-seven percent of marijuana-related arrests were for possession alone-a minor crime that can still cause major problems in one’s life.  Maryland counties continue to charge individuals with possession of marijuana and threaten them with jail time and fines.

In Maryland marijuana is still illegal except for certain defined illnesses.

A conviction for any drug crime may have serious consequences.  It is very important to have competent criminal defense representation to help alleviate or avoid the far reaching and devastating consequences of having a drug conviction on your record.  Besides the fines and jail time, a “guilty” may mean the loss of your financial aid status, seizure of your property, deportation proceedings if you are not a citizen, and a black mark on your record that may prevent you from getting secure and high paying jobs.

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