CARERS Act of 2015 – proposed Federal Law to revamp Marijuana Laws

It is sometimes hard to believe how far we have come as a country with our views on marijuana.  There are now four states and the District of Columbia that have legalized recreational marijuana, and many States have laws regulating Medical Marijuana.

Now the Federal Government is beginning to change it’s perspective.  The CARERS Act of 2015 was introduced in the United States Senate on March 10, 2015 to address the conflict between State’s marijuana laws and the Federal Government’s draconian rules against cannabis.

The bill, if passed, will fix several problems medical marijuana advocates have identified.

Redefining Cannabis – The CARERS ACT of 2015 reschedules marijuana from a schedule I drug (heroin and LSD) to a schedule II drug, which will allow  for more research on cannabis.

Banking – The CARERS ACT of 2015 protects banks from facing criminal sanctions, regulatory sanctions and forfeiture for doing business with legitimate marijuana related businesses.

State’s Rights – The CARERS ACT of 2015 allows persons in compliance with State law relating to the production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration, laboratory testing, or delivery of medical marijuana to be free of the penalties under the Federal Controlled Substances Act.

Although I personally doubt the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act of 2015 will pass this year, it is a huge step, on a relatively bi-partisan issue that would help millions of people.

The full text of the CARERS ACT of 2015 is here.