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Marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol

President Obama said in an interview published on January 19, 2014 that marijuana no more dangerous than alcohol.  Mr. Obama, the top drug enforcement officer in the country, qualified his answer by saying that he would not encourage his children to use marijuana.  Marijuana is currently classified as a schedule I drug.  That means it […]

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Marijuana Control Act of 2014

The Maryland general assembly is debating a marijuana legalization and regulation bill during the 2014 session.  A similar bill was introduced during the legislative session last year.  It won in the Senate but not the House. Unfortunately, the legalization bill is unlikely to pass due to stiff opposition in the House of Delegates and Governor […]

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Is Marijuana Legal Yet?

Is Marijuana Legal Yet? As of January 2014 – the answer is absolutely not. Many people seem to be confused as to the status of marijuana in Maryland.  Many believe that police no longer arrest people for simple possession of marijuana.  Many people also wrongly believe that if you receive a citation for possession of […]

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